1993 was when it all began. Our Signature Gourmet Competition BBQ Rub and Grill Master BBQ Sauce received its first recognition in 1993. Sweetened only with the goodness of 100% all natural Apple Juice, Pineapple Juice and Rich Dark Molasses. The combination of the marinating dry rub and the layered glaze of the Signature Sauce, gave our Ribs the winning Edge. Our products are great on any cut of Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Fish & Vegetarian Options. Fact is, you will love it so much that you'll put it on all your favorite things (or not so favorite things!) to make it tastes even better!! 

Experience our Unique BBQ flavors from our Award Winning Rubs & Sauces. 
Sample our posted recipes or send us yours!!!! 

Taste Why We Are Fast Becoming
The Favorite Choice for your Backyard BBQ!!!

 Grill Master Chuck's Sauces & Rubs have won Awards in 7 States

Let Grill Master Chuck's Sauces & Rubs Heat Up Your Day!! 
GMC is Proud to have always been, 
and will continue to be, an All Natural Product
Our products are All Natural & 
free of HFCSMSG & Gluten.
Low Sodium, No Added Sugar
Diabetic Friendly. 
My passion for BBQ was bestowed upon me by my father. I was always amazed how he knew just when to pull that steak from the grill. He ALWAYS made me wait for it to "stage" itself. I later learned that was to keep the juices from escaping because it you cut the meat too soon, all the juices will come out and you will be left with DRY meat!! This is true with ALL types of meat. I also remember eating my Mom's Dry Baked "Shake n Bake" Pork Chops and thinking, "What if it was cooked on the Grill instead? I bet I could get the juices to stay inside and not have to have a dry chop again!!!!" God love my Mom!!! Back then Pork and Poultry wasn't considered cooked unless it was killed and dry!! 
Well We Know Better Now, Don't We??

Grill Master Chuck has Been A Backyard BBQ Favorite since 1993 in Jacksonville, Florida and, since 1994, we have called  North Carolina Home. 

Proud Member of North Carolina Specialty Foods AssociationGot to Be NC Products and Featured In the North Carolina Publication of DISH THIS Magazine.

Welcome to Grill Master Chuck

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"Backyard BBQ Gourmet Style"
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